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Water attractions

The most essential attractions of CW "Laguna" include the following objects of the complex:


4Sports swimming pool
The sports swimming pool is used especially by those who take care of their own shape and value active leisure.


basen z morską faląSwimming pool with a sea-wave 
Waves about 1 metre high and with smoothly increasing the swimming pool depth will provide impressions and experiences which will certainly satisfy every amateur of swimming in the sea.


126Swimming pool with the salt water, so-called "salt water spring”
For all those who prefer a so-called "swimming in the open" we can recommend a round, outdoor swimming pool with permanently warm water, which will also satisfy those more demanding swimming fans. Unforgettable impressions are also provided by the variable weather, completely free of charge (!) ... Being in water during a downpour, high winds, or even the frost is a treat of an exceptional character.

Swimming pool with an artificial "wild river”
Certainly nothing can beat an expedition into the wild regions of the river Amazon. One can however try and let one's imagination run free and experience a really exceptional adventure. Our "wild river" waits for the daredevils who will desire to tame its current.


44Swimming pool with massages
After the frolics and frenzies on the slides, or an exhaustive swimming training session in the sports swimming pool, a perfect relaxation will be ensured by several moments spent on this object. Both the average depth ( 1,3 m ), the diameter of the swimming pool ( 10 m ), and the installed underwater massage devices will brilliantly fulfil their own function - they will ensure your rest and will cause that you will feel renewed, you will be able to come back again to your active lives. For many years the water therapy (hydrotherapy and hydro-massages) has been a recognized method of the body rejuvenation and the increase in its stamina.


There is nothing more soothing than the delicate massage performed by innumerable quantities of air bubbles, bursting out close to your skin forming the effect of pleasant warmth spreading onto your body. Except for its relaxing activity we must not forget about the therapeutic proprieties of this specific "bubbling bliss".


The swimming padding pools for children′s 20 to 60 cm deep.
The complex was designed naturally keeping the youngest ones in mind. The available pools are mainly three paddling pools 20 to 60 cm deep, also with the water geyser.


53Water slide "The black hole”
The exceptionality of this slide, apart from its length ( 72m ), is highlighted by its character - during the down ride we constantly observe extraordinary interesting virtual effects maintained in the youth style - "techno".  This object is more than willingly used by those daredevils who do not fear speed, entering into unknown... In fact, one thing is certain is here - at the very end of this unique "trip" there is a swimming pool full of water waiting for you...


128Water pontoon slide
This 50 m long pontoon slide is more than willingly used by the youngest, but and not only by them. High speeds are possible to be achieved during a downhill ride, quickly raise one's adrenaline level. It is a guarantee of really perfect fun. Afterwards there is only wet landing in the blue swimming pool left and again one can try one's own hand...


37Paddling pools for children
This is a place where your kids will feel content and confident. The paddling pools are under a especial supervision of our life-guards. Here, attractively and without any fear, every child will easily make his or her steps beginning his or her own adventure with the water. The presence of peers favourably influences the child's individuality and allows him or her to make friends more easily.

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