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Our offer

The most essential attractions of The Water Sports Centre  "The Laguna" include the following objects of complex:  

4Sports swimming pools
We make available to you a sports swimming pool which is 25 metres long with the water temperature of 28,5 degrees Celsius. One if its assets is the stand for spectators which can hold up to 150 people. The object fulfils all the standards and norms concerning the organization of sport events (also those of a higher rank), or public events.


Swimming pool with the sea wave 
The object which is 0,0 to 1,5 m deep was equipped with devices for the artificial wave production. Both its surface ( 280 sq. m. ) and the irregular shape of its "coastline" will assure impressions which certainly will satisfy every amateur of swimming in the sea. The average temperature of water is 31 degrees Celsius,


Swimming pool with salt water, so-called "Salt water spring”
An external  object of the diameter of approx. 10 m, the average depth of 1,3 m with always warm water of the temperature approx. 35 degrees Celsius.  

Swimming pool with "Artificial wild river”
The object of an irregular shape, approx. 1,2 to m deep with the water temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. On both sides of the river there are side springs strengthening the current of the river. Halfway through the river there is a branch with the water cascade.
The swimming pool of the diameter of approx. 10 m and the average depth (1,3 m) with the installed underwater massage devices. For this purpose there are 4 seats with aerial massage situated on one bank of the swimming pool, 3 wild springs at the floor at the centre of the swimming pool and 2 side-bottom massages and 2 centred showers used mostly for massaging the nape and back on the other side the bank.      
Our offer includes 3 baths for 5 people with water and aerial massage. 

The indoor slide „The Black Hole” 72 m long.
The pontoon slide is an open slide 50 m long which offers slides on special rolls.

Swimming pools - paddling pools for children (20 to 60 cm deep)
The complex was designed naturally keeping the youngest customers in mind. There are three paddling pools available from 20 to 60 cm deep, also with a water geyser.


d3d_9165_200Sauna "HOT- HELL"
The sauna ('dry sauna'), in which the temperature reaches 85-100°C is open every day from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m., with a technical break between 11.00 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.


Changing rooms
After purchasing a swimming pool card, you enter the paid zone, which contains single changing  rooms, including also the changing room for the disabled and persons with babies. You leave your garments and things in lockers with a lock or infra-red locking system. For groups of children there are locker boxes with a lock. 

55Hiring rooms

Advertising on the premises of CW LAGUNA

  • Large external banner
  • The swimming pool banner
  • Banner in a glass tablo
  • Floor labels, wall labels, locker labels
  • An individual clip frame of perspex
  • and others,
  • we are open to new advertising forms on our object.

For more information please contact tel. 91/415 32 4291/415 32 42

Parking space
We have at our disposal 146 parking places for passenger cars and 5 places for
buses /coaches.

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